Board of Directors

Annual Board and Membership Meeting -- March 15, 2020

The Board of Directors held its annual Board and Membership meeting at 2007 Bert Avenue, Austin, TX 78704, starting at 2:30 pm. The following directors (constituting a quorum of the full board) were present at the meeting: President Kathy Lee (by Zoom), Secretary John McGarey (by Zoom), Treasurer Penny Chambers (by Zoom), Lia Nelson and Kim Pillsbury. Robert McGarey (Executive Director) and J. R. Ryan were also present at the meeting.

Membership Meeting

Of the 20 current voting members, seven were present, constituting more than a 10% quorum. The members unanimously elected Kim Pillsbury to Place 1 of the Board of Directors. Since there was no further business, the annual membership meeting was adjourned and the Annual Board Meeting commenced.

Election of Officers

The Board unanimously elected Kathy as President, Kim as Vice President, John as Secretary and Penny as Treasurer.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Conflict of Interest Policy was read aloud. All board members were given an opportunity to disclose any conflicts and none were mentioned.

Executive Director's Report

COVID-19 update. The Center is encouraging social distancing, namaste instead of hugs, washing hands and paper towels for drying. We also disinfected all countertops and will also disinfect door handles, arm rests, and light switches. People can also wear gloves. Can not find any hand sanitizer for the center since sold out everywhere but will suggest members that have it bring it. Lia will bring in a small one she has.

Bob tested live stream last night thru zoom for the video. Not everyone in room can be seen on the video. It worked really well in general although nobody showed up thru zoom. Movie would not have been very visible. Nor was the flip chart with the questions. Bob is thinking to use another computer to help fix that and also give those watching online the option to watch separately and rejoin for the discussion.

Bob purchased another refurbished Apple computer for $350. It will be placed in the cridenza in the living room. It will also work in the garden room. Only takes a couple minutes to move it into the other room. Kim will look for small/skinny tripod and video camera on Staples preferably, or on Amazon

Bingo. Robert McGarey was re-elected as our Bingo Chairperson. Sonny our bingo hall manager provided an update over the phone advising that they are not effected by city directives because they are less than 150 people. They are not planning to close due to COVID-19 but are encouraging hand washing. They only supply two things they touch like tables and computers. They have pine sol for cleaning and plenty of hand soap. Hand sanitizer and wipes are out of stock. Money per game will be cut down per size of crowd. We have a cushion of $156,119 minus two payrolls coming up leaving us about $80k not counting any revenues from today thru the rest of this month. Month is usually a busy month so fingers crossed. They will suggest people that have it bring hand sanitizer. Yesterday the first two cases were confirmed in Austin. Scott and White can possibly do COVID-19 testing.

Computers. Panorama is coming along well and is not impeding the normal flow of most business. We can also now send emails to Apple domains such as

Renters. There are three renters in termination process of lease. We are working with them to get them up to date. Lisa has been raking and Devin has been mopping. Isabel has been doing some cleaning. Katie hasn't done much yet but we are hoping she will.

finances. Isabel, Sarah and Lia are renting the blossom room. The virus doesn't seem to be affecting Isabel's business. We have postponed moving the mini split and buying a new one due to more financially instability because of COVID 19. Chris Grigessy will charge $15 per Hour to repaint the outside of the center.

We have about $6k in the bank right now after expenses. Rent is our primary income and we are fully rented right now. Bob's personal growth sessions haven't declined and he does many of them over Zoom.

Volunteers. Bob created a list of volunteer tasks for people to do with Kathy and Lia's help. Kathryn Ehlert has been planting trees, some in the parking lot when we can only have them in the backyard. Bob will ask if she can replant them. It was suggested that we send an email to all members asking if you can help, or if you need help to reply all and try to coordinate amongst yourselves. Lisa put in a garden that has Lettuce, kale, chard, tomatoes and flowers. The yard has also been mowed.

M.A. Biarkman had 3 vertebrae in her neck fused and neoprene disks put in between to help her move better. This was just a few days ago. We called her at the end of the meeting to check on her and wish her love/well wishes. She said the surgery went well. Since there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm. Minutes submitted by Kim Pillsbury, March 15, 2020.