Board of Directors

Regular Meeting -- May 18, 2003

The Board of Directors held its regular meeting at 2007 Bert Avenue, Austin, TX 78704, starting at 3:15 pm. The following directors (constituting a quorum of the full board) were present at the meeting: Matthew Riley (President), Oceanna (Vice President), Owen McAleer (Secretary), and Miles Lewis. The following directors were absent: Tommie Reeves (Treasurer) and Doug Mullins. Robert McGarey (Executive Director), guest Don Switlick and members Lia Nelson and Pam Chambers were also present at the meeting.

Approval of Minutes

Owen was nominated Secretary and approved by unanimous vote. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved in concept with minor corrections to be dealt with by Owen and Bob at a later date.

Executive Director's Report

Bob reported that Marcus had paid for sheet rock to make repairs and that future repairs will be paid from rent revenue. Bob reported the following items regarding the finances of the Center:

$1700 has been paid to our zoning consultant.

$300 was raised from the garage sale held in May.

May through July are low revenue months for Bingo.

The Center's bank account is close to zero.

$2500 mortgage payment due June 15th.

Known income for June is $600 from garage apt. renter and $200 from massage renters.

Bob reported that Internet sales of tapes have increased and a discussion ensued regarding setting up more items for sale on the Internet. Pam suggested we set up a marketing committee.

Marketing in general was discussed. Oceanna moved, Matthew seconded, and it was unanimously

RESOLVED, that we set up a Marketing Committee. In response to this idea, Bob did his Snoopy Dance.

Miles agreed to help Bob set up an affiliate store. Matthew agreed to talk to Marketing "Guru" Jim Battanberg about helping the Center with marketing functions, possibly even heading the marketing committee.

Bob updated the board on the pending re-zoning. According to our zoning consultant Sarah Crocker, no valid petitions were filed against us. We are now going for LO Limited Office instead of NO Neighborhood Office. Sarah thought this would get passed and would be better for us. Bob discussed the fact that there are no updated profit and loss statements for the board. Also the issue of filing a tax return was discussed, and negotiating exhibition fees for hanging art at the Center.

New Business

Renting space at the Center for other workshops. Lia Nelson talked to the board about renting space to other groups at the Center for $25/hour per room. She will write up an information sheet with rental rates and rules on it. It was unanimously

RESOLVED, that we authorize Lia to rent out space to other groups, based generally on the guidelines she described to the board.

Anomaly Archive. There was discussion about the Anomaly Archives. Miles presented his vision for the Archives, and described how the Center would benefit from allowing the Archives to exist on campus. With Miles abstaining, it was unanimously

RESOLVED, that the board grant The Anomaly Archives free rent for space in the downstairs garage for the mutual enhancement of both nonprofit organizations for a period of two years, and The Archives will make repairs and improvements under the supervision of our Repairs Committee. The possibility of sharing utility costs will be discussed at a later date.

Since there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at around 5 pm.