Board of Directors

Regular Meeting -- November 6, 2005

The Board of Directors held its regular monthly meeting at 2007 Bert Avenue, Austin, TX 78704, starting at 1 pm. The following directors (constituting a quorum of the full board) were present at the meeting: President Pam Latham (aka Oceanna, who attended by telephone), Vice President Pam Chambers and Treasurer Kathy Lee. No directors were absent. Robert McGarey (Executive Director) was also present at the meeting.

Reading of Mission Statement and Approval of Minutes

The Mission Statement was read aloud at the beginning of the meeting. Minutes from previous meetings (August 21, 2005 and October 14, 2005) were read aloud. The following change in the October minutes was suggested: In the first paragraph of the Executive Director's Report, it should state that we requested $15,000 from St. David's Foundation, and not imply that we requested it from the Anomaly Archives. The minutes from both meetings were then approved as amended.

Executive Director's Report

Tiller Event. Both Bob and Pam pointed out how important it is to get complete agreements ahead of time with all parties involved, to avoid problems like the ones we had, such as not having the gate to the parking lot at the Church unlocked on Friday night, the poor sound quality of the DVD recordings, and the unexpectedly large charges from the sexton at the church and the caterer (who bought over $1,800 of food, when she had originally said she could get it all donated).

However, it looks like, after expenses, that we have made a little over $5K net income from the event, not counting the rental fee for the church, which we have not yet received a bill for. The board decided to wait until we receive that bill before assessing the total financial picture for the event. (Oceanna dissented from that decision, saying that she would rather we find out how much we owe now before assessing the financial picture.) At any rate, the income from Tiller has offset some of the reduced income we have been experiencing this year from bingo.

Garage/Archives. Bob reported that the Anomaly Archives board voted yesterday to approve J. P. Smith as their Assistant Curator, conditional upon Miles and Don ascertaining whether he will be able to consistently pay the rent for the upstairs garage. Their board also wanted to know what would happen if, for some reason, J. P. were to stop paying rent to them, because as it stands now they would still be required to pay us $600 per month, which they would then be unable to do. It was unanimously

RESOLVED, that if the renter for the upstairs of the Garage moves out and/or stops paying rent to the Archives, then the Archives will only be responsible for paying $200 instead of $600 for that month. The situation will then be renegotiated every month until the Archives is able to pay the full amount again.

Secretarial/Management Assistance. J.P. has been helping out a lot, and so we have hired him on a contractual basis for 25 hours per week. Pam has also been helping out some, but she has been sick so she hasn't been able to help as much as she would have liked.

Marketing. J.P. will be presenting a marketing & sales proposal tomorrow to Bob, Pam and Oceanna, outlining what the steps he thinks we could take to get better known in the community. This is the first time we've paid a significant amount of active attention to marketing, and Bob said he is excited.

Since there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm.

Minutes submitted by Kathy Lee, Acting Secretary, November 6, 2005.