Thanksgiving Dinner

Come for our Thanksgiving potluck at the Center! We usually start gathering around 12 noon to set the table and warm up the food we've brought, and then we usually sit down to eat around 2 or 3. (We stuffed the turkey earlier, so now we stuff ourselves!)

After eating, some people sit and chat while others go out on a long walk to help them digest. Then around 6 pm we have dessert! It's a members-only event, so (like always) we encourage everybody to practice assertiveness and good communication, and to enjoy the creativity, love, playfulness, and healthy community that results.

There's no charge for members, of course, though everybody is encouraged to bring some Thanksgiving potluck food to share. If members want to bring somebody they think would enjoy the Center, we welcome that, and we invite the guests to bring a dish and make a donation of maybe $10 to the Center. Alternatively, they are welcome to join as Introductory Members for just $30 for the remainder of November and all of December (which includes our Christmas and New Years members-only events).

Below are the setup tasks and food items that we like to have for Thanksgiving dinner. Please let us know ASAP what you want to bring and do, so we can make sure we've got all of our setup tasks done and our culinary delights covered.

We look forward to celebrating and giving thanks with you (and for you!).

Other Suggestions? Let us know at or (512) 441-8988.

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