"Bicentennial Man"

with Robin Williams

Viewed July 29, 2000

The discussion Saturday night was full of trapeze talk (as to how necessary it is to let go of what is known and comfortable and progress on into new venues in life...lessons of letting go and catching onto new growth...and that moment of sheer uncertainty in the fearful seconds we experience when we're suspended in the air between one trapeze and the next with nothing at all to hold on to), and snazzy, witty comments such as "Help, I'm drowning in the gene pool!", "Who knows why people cut off their ears?" (not a self-exploratory and growth question for anyone present...at least it appeared that way). and a delightful interface interaction for future use should anyone call you an insulting name: person 1: "You asshole!" person 2: "Stop projecting!"

Lively, and deathly, questions were also generated, though once again we managed to totally avoid the two questions concerning our own mortality and our inevitable death. I believe I've stirred your interest long enough; here are Saturday night's tantalizing growth questions inspired by Bicentennial Man and our own emerging issues:

Happy and Growthful Pondering!

(Commentary by Leta Moser)


  1. What parts of the splendor of Human Experience do I appreciate? Which parts do I take for granted?
  2. To what extent do I allow/need others to validate who I am?
  3. How do I feel about the inevitability of my death?
  4. How can I use my impending death to appreciate what I have while I'm alive?
  5. How can I use my freedom to best realize myself?
  6. What do I do to help create a/my "Real Family"?
  7. What ideal/need am I willing to "be wrong" for?