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The Human Potential Center
2007 Bert Avenue
Austin, TX 78704-7527
Phone: (512)441-8988
Fax: [Please call first.]
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  • Stop by for a Saturday Night Video and Discussion.
    On the first three Saturday nights of most months, we show a video (complete with popcorn), and afterwards hold a discussion on the personal-growth topics that were tackled in the movie. It's both delightful and insightful. So check your newsletter for this month's dates, and then stop by to experience first-hand the magic of the Center.
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    Just by calling (512) 441-8988, you ask us anything you want related to the Center, and check on (or RSVP for) our upcoming calendar events.

Located in south-central Austin, three blocks north of Ben White just off Manchaca
(Use bus #3)

South-central Austin, three blocks north of Ben White just off Manchaca