"Erin Brockovich"

with Julia Roberts

Viewed November 11, 2000

Seeing a powerful, no-holds-barred female role-model was a kick for many of us tonight as we watched Erin Brockovich battle and overcome the many challenges in her life, ending up on top. Everyone watching the movie said how amazing it was that she could be so self-assured (bordering on abrasive) and take such assertive, self-affirming acts to move herself forward. A feel-good movie for sure.

We spent much of our time talking about how an attitude of martyrdom (Question 4) impedes our growth, because we spend so much of our energy giving to others that there's nothing left to give to ourselves. It turns out that martyrdom is one of the major things that is holding us back (Question 6). We also explored one person's desire to go exercise, and yet how she has found out that wanting to exercise and thinking about exercising hasn't yet culminated in actually exercising. As someone in the group quipped, "Thinkin' ain't doin'." She found that there may be a number of things that are holding her back from exercising, and that when she successfully tackles the biggest one, the next-biggest one becomes visible. As she keeps working on those blocks, one by one, she believes they'll eventually all disappear. So she's hoping that as she keeps working on the things that block her from exercising, she'll find herself joining a health spa!

The questions:


  1. How is my life determined: by myself or by others?
  2. How have I responded to the suffering of innocent victims?
  3. How can I accept rewards-or believe I deserve rewards-for the things I do for others?
  4. How much do I believe I need to martyr myself in order to help others?
  5. How do I keep from closing down to others when I'm feeling downtrodden?
  6. How much do I hold on to things/behaviors that may look or feel good, but are holding me back? What blocks me from letting go of them?