Fly Away Home

with Jeff Daniels

Viewed April 11, 2015

Feel free to come and share your own personal insights sometime; the Saturday Night Video and Discussions here in Austin, Texas are a lot of fun and fascinating. (They're free, too.) Here are the questions the group came up with, based on the personal growth themes in the movie:


  1. When has somebody had more faith in me than I did in myself?
  2. How do I deal with letting go of people and things that are important to me?
  3. How important is devoted attachment to me?
  4. How have I held myself back from the things I really want?
  5. How do I deal with mistakes i can't change?
  6. What amazes me?
  7. How can I deal with it if I want to share something with someone and they're not there?
  8. When I think I'm right, how can I tell if I really am?
  9. How do I deal with people who do creepy things?