with Loren Dean

Viewed July 15, 2000

Tonight's movie was "Mumford," a flick about a very interesting psychologist in a small town, and how he managed to really listen to and connect with his clients in a honest, real way. So we had a lot of discussion on relationships of all kinds, and how they change us. Romance, in particular, was evident both in the movie and in Question 4.

One of my highlights as we talked about romance was someone's comment that love relationships are like trying to grab soap in the bathtub: the harder we grab for it the more it slips out of our hands, but if we grasp it gently it's easy to keep hold of.

Here are the questions. By the way, if you have any answers you'd like to share to any of these questions, I'm considering putting the questions and people's responses on our web site, so feel free to write!


  1. How honest am I?
  2. What am I afraid will happen if I let people know my "dirty litle secrets"?
  3. How do I get my "therapy" needs met in my community?
  4. What MEANING do I put on romance, and how has that changed over the years?
  5. What am I afraid I'll lose if I give up my public persona? If I did give it up, what would I have left?
  6. What skills or talents "come as easily as breathing" for me?
  7. At what points in my life have I felt truly successful?
  8. How have my life-insights changed me throughout my life?