with Christina Ricci

Viewed September 6, 2008

In this fable about a pig-faced girl, we found ourselves talking about the illusions and expectations that we've created in our own lives (Questions 1 and 2), and how they have affected us. Often the effect was negative, because our illusions and expectations have kept us from seeing reality clearly.

That, of course, led us into a discussion of what reality really is, and a definitive answer eluded us, except to say that in some sense we DO seem to create our own reality, and yet that it seems like there may be certain realities "out there" that are given to us, like for example aging and the deaths of friends and relatives.

Somehow, inexplicably, that led us into discussing the value of laughter, playfulness and fun in creating a long and fruitful life (Question 5). We commented about how Bob Hope and George Burns lived very long lives, and we think that their laughter had a lot to do with that. Turns out that one of the things we really enjoy about these discussions is the spontaneous playfulness that gets triggered among us, and we think it's healthy!!!
(This video was reviewed by Bob McGarey)

Feel free to come and share your own personal insights sometime; the Saturday Night Video and Discussions here in Austin, Texas are a lot of fun and fascinating. (They're free, too.) Here are the questions the group came up with, based on the personal growth themes in the movie:


  1. How often do I find my expectations far different from reality, and how scary is that for me?
  2. How have my illusions ruled my life?
  3. What rules for my life do I not always follow, and why?
  4. How has my own self-acceptance (or lack thereof) affected my life?
  5. What keeps me from living my life?
  6. How do I feel about being judged by society?
  7. What strategies can I use to avoid giving up my power over my own happiness?
  8. What decisions have I made that have affected my kids or family members in a way that was different from what I intended?