Queen of Katwe

with Madina Malwanga

Viewed November 4, 2017

Feel free to come and share your own personal insights sometime; the Saturday Night Video and Discussions here in Austin, Texas are a lot of fun and fascinating. (They're free, too.) Here are the questions the group came up with, based on the personal growth themes in the movie:


  1. Where do I belong?
  2. How do I persevere when the outlook doesn't look good?
  3. How do I celebrate my losses?
  4. How can I celebrate the part of my mother that's within me?
  5. How have I dealt with loneliness?
  6. How has fear limited my personal growth?
  7. When have I made a "loud" gesture of trust despite the risk?
  8. How have I upheld my values despite my challenges in life?
  9. What am I willing to "sell out" for?