The Last Laugh

with Chevy Chase

Viewed February 1, 2020

Feel free to come and share your own personal insights sometime; the Saturday Night Video and Discussions here in Austin, Texas are a lot of fun and fascinating. (They're free, too.) Here are the questions the group came up with, based on the personal growth themes in the movie:


  1. What have I missed out on by focusing only on work?
  2. How do I get the two of us to open up so we can be honest about our feelings?
  3. How do I "talk to" those who died?
  4. How have I wrestled with my feelings about people who died? Who won in that wrestling match?
  5. At this point, what are the big questions in my life?
  6. What does it take for someone to open me up to life?
  7. How do I feel about my roads taken and not taken in my life?
  8. How do I feel about the romances I've had and what I've done about them?
  9. What is this "season" of my life?